Security is

We hear you.
Really important.

Your security is at the core of everything we do. That’s why we’ve implemented robust security and fraud monitoring capabilities to keep your account secure. But it is also a team effort - we'll need you to join forces with us.

Stay in control

Real-time push notifications

Turn notifications on to keep track of all your transactions – in and out.

Card control

Freeze or unfreeze your card, whether it's been stolen or just misplaced. Set up other transaction controls easily, too.

Security technology

One account, one device

Real-time detection and prevention of fraudulent access with a cool-off period for high-risk activities.

Unlocked by you

Stay extra safe with touch ID and facial recognition for account access.

Under the hood

Security measures, including device biometric change detection, dynamic session timeout and fraud monitoring are always running in the background to keep you safe.

Guard against malware

Be alerted to security vulnerabilities on your mobile phone. Access to your GXS app will be restricted to protect your banking details when these vulnerabilities are detected. Always ensure that your GXS app is updated to the latest version to remain secure.

Staying Vigilant

Be aware
of malware

Malware scams are on the rise. One way scammers infiltrate mobile devices is by tricking unwitting individuals into downloading apps with malware. Cybercriminals use malware to steal your information. They can also remotely control your device to make fraudulent banking transactions without your consent.

Decrease the risk
of malware

Malware is more likely to be found in apps that are downloaded from unsecured or unofficial sources. Scammers can also infiltrate your device more easily if you have a jailbroken or rooted mobile device, you grant excessive permission to suspicious apps or your mobile device allows unauthorised and ongoing screen-sharing to run in the background.

Protecting your
bank details

When these security vulnerabilities are detected, access to the GXS app will be blocked so that your banking details stay secure. There will be instructions on your GXS app to guide you on how you can secure your device before resuming your banking with GXS. This could include uninstalling the apps that have been flagged as potentially malicious. If you wish to re-download the app(s) that were uninstalled, please do so from an official app store. You do not have to delete the GXS app.

For full list of FAQs, click here.

How to safeguard yourself

Turn on notifications

Be on top of your account activities as they happen.

Keep your password
super safe

No one should ask you for your password or OTP, not even us. Consider updating your password regularly to be extra safe.

Say no to links and +65

Never click on any links in messages, and don’t pick up calls from suspicious numbers. See a +65? That’s a tell-tale sign that the caller is contacting you with a fake Singapore number – do not pick up.

Secure your devices

Download apps from official or trusted app stores, such as those maintained by Apple, Google, Huawei and Xiaomi. Install anti-virus software from reputable sources on your devices. Always keep your applications and devices’ operating systems updated, including your GXS app.

Pay attention to
app permissions

If an app you install is asking for permissions, make sure to read the fine print. Is the app asking for full control over your device or access to sensitive information that it does not need? It could be a malicious threat.

Still unsure?

If you suspect fraud activity on your GXS account, we’re here to help.
Live chat with us via the app, call or email us. We’ve got your back.

Get in touch with the real GXS

Legit ways we will contact you

We will only ever contact you through these ways:

Push notifications


Email (no links)

SMS (still no links!)