Terms & conditions

GXS Savings Account - At a glance

You can open 1 GXS Savings Account in your own name and deposit up to a maximum amount into your Account. This is a digital banking account accessible by our GXS app with no cash or cheque services.

Your Account comes with a Main Account, and you can open up to 8 Saving Pockets. You can use your Main Account for your regular transactions. Just remember that you can only transfer funds from your Saving Pockets to and from your Main Account.

You will earn interest on your Account daily. You may earn different interest rates on your Main Account and Saving Pockets. We will credit the interest into your Account so long as the interest amount earned on your money is at least $0.01. Rest assured you can continue to earn interest even if you have reached the maximum deposit amount for your Account, even if no further deposit can be made into your Account.

You can receive funds into and make transfers from your GXS Savings Account. Depending on the transaction type, we will enable the transfers through channels such as PayNow and FAST. Do make sure the transfer details are correct as there is no guarantee we will be able to reverse the transaction.

We place our focus on providing digital and paperless services to you, therefore you will be able to download your monthly statements from our GXS app.

We will act on instructions that come from authenticated channels so do not share your login information with anyone. Remember you must verify and exercise caution with any hyperlink in any SMS or e-mail claimed to be sent by us. If we detect any suspicious activity, we may choose not to act on those instructions to protect you.

You must be at least 16 years old to open a GXS Savings Account. Do also ensure that you provide us with your most updated personal particulars.

Ecosystem with Grab and Singtel Dash - At a glance

Apart from using our GXS app to open a GXS Savings Account, you can also do so via the Grab and Dash apps. Simply click on ‘Activate GXS Savings Account’ in the apps to start.

Once you have opened your GXS Savings Account, you can link it to your Grab and Dash apps to view your Main Account balance. You can also manage the daily transaction limit you can spend from your GXS Savings Account on the apps. You will also be able to top up your GrabPay Wallet and Dash Wallet Account directly from your linked GXS Savings Account.

Do remember that you should only link your GXS Savings Account to your own Grab account and Dash account.

To welcome you to link your GXS Savings Account, you will receive a Link Boost of 2,500 GrabRewards points once you link it to your Grab account as the primary payment method. Similarly, you will receive a Link Boost of 2,500 Dash Reward Points once you link it as a payment method.

After linking, you will be able to use your linked GXS Savings Account to pay for Grab Transport, Food, Mart and Express transactions on your Grab app and selected merchants on your Dash app. When you do so, you will receive 1.2X of the reward points usually awarded by Grab and Dash, as a Spend Boost. 

Note that Grab’s and Dash’s terms apply for their apps and rewards programmes. Please refer to the full GXS Bank Ecosystem Terms for Grab here and for Dash here.

By using our GXS website and/or app, you agree to comply with the guidelines and code of conduct as set out in the Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policy. These form part of our efforts at GXS to protect our customers, users of our GXS website and app, and the wider internet community from inappropriate use of our services, platforms and the internet.

T&Cs: The long read

You can view the full set of terms and conditions here. Do note that we may vary the terms and conditions (including our fees and charges) at any time though we will always give you prior notice.