GXS Press releases

GXS Bank promises to keep asking the tough questions and challenge conventions with its inaugural brand launch




GXS Press releases

SINGAPORE, 8 May 2023 – GXS Bank (GXS) has launched its brand in Singapore with its “Challenging Conventions” campaign.

As a challenger digital bank, GXS’ inaugural brand campaign brings to life its mission to make banking better for everyday consumers and businesses in Singapore by challenging banking conventions which do not serve them.

GXS’ brand launch comes in conjunction with the launch of its first credit product, the GXS FlexiLoan.The GXS FlexiLoan is available to all eligible individuals in Singapore. It is the Bank’s second product following the GXS Savings Account, a deposits account that was launched in August 2022 and which is currently by invitation only.

Lian Ju Han, Chief Marketing Officer, GXS, said, “When we thought about what we wanted to say to our customers, they all boiled down to four words. ‘You win, we win’. That is the essence of who GXS is - a bank that rejects the conventional ways of banking because banking can be so much better for our customers.

“Similarly, when it came to our brand campaign, challenging conventions was not just the theme but also our guiding principle. Instead of the direction where everyone is going, we took a hard left. The greatest compliment for us would be having consumers tell us that our campaign does not remind them of a bank advertisement.” 

Challenging conventions as the theme

For its brand launch, GXS wanted to spark conversations on different conventions within the community and whether they still ring true today, such as the idea of what makes a family or the way success is defined.  

GXS collaborated with three local artists - Kenn Lam, Kristal Melson and Angela Chong - to create the key visuals for the campaign. The artists were provided with statements that reflected contemporary conventions and how these could be different and made better. These statements served as inspiration for the artists to come up with their own unique interpretation and in their own distinctive and vibrant styles. 

From left to right, artwork by Kristal Melson, Kenn Lam and Angela Chong

Challenging conventions in its brand launch approach

GXS has commissioned a 18 metre by 6 metre wall mural at Bali Lane, in its reinterpretation of a print advertisement. The wall mural will be painted by artists ANTZ and ZERO, who specialise in street art. Currently in progress, it will be completed at the end of May 2023. 

In addition to the GXS wall mural, the brand campaign is blasted across digital and out-of-home channels, and can be seen online, in high foot-traffic areas around Singapore as well as across an extensive network of bus shelters. Given that GXS is backed by Grab and Singtel, these creatives can also be found on ecosystem channels including Grab and Singtel apps, Singtel shops and on Grab cars. Singtel will also run exclusive offers for GXS customers to celebrate and support GXS’ milestones and product launches throughout the year.

GXS’ nationwide brand campaign will run for three months. The Bank worked with Distilleri on creatives, OMD on media planning and buying and TEAM LEWIS on corporate communications for the campaign. 

The GXS app is available in Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

For more information, visit www.gxs.com.sg


Annex A: Quote sheet 

Junren Xiao, General Manager, Distilleri said, “Together with GXS and our partner agencies, we hope to bring a brand new experience to the bank’s customers; even change their perspective on traditional banking procedures. Having been quickly and thoroughly immersed in the world of GXS, the larger group all truly believe that GXS is banking, made better.”

Eric van Schaik, Account Director, OMD Singapore said, “GXS have truly stuck to their vision of challenging conventions and collaborated with OMD to push our media execution to behave differently in-market as compared to the status quo. We’re looking forward to bringing exciting activations to life with our agency partners in the coming months, helping GXS reach consumers who can benefit most from their products.”

Pamela Tor Das, Managing Director, TEAM LEWIS Singapore said, “It's been an exhilarating ride with the team at GXS and to be working with partners that truly believe in the brand’s purpose and constantly challenging ourselves on how we can bring that to life. We look to continue to think out of the box for the team to help bring their narrative and messages to the target audiences.”

About GXS Bank
GXS Bank (GXS) is a digital bank with a relentless focus to make banking better for the everyday consumer and small business. This includes Singapore’s underserved individuals and businesses.  

The Bank aims to improve financial inclusion and to drive financial revolution for its customers through the secure and ethical use of technology and data. 

GXS holds a banking licence issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

It is backed by a consortium consisting of Grab Holdings Inc. – Southeast Asia’s leading super app, and Singtel – Asia’s leading communications technology group. GXS is a separate entity and is not associated with the businesses of Grab Holdings, Singtel and their entities. 

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