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Terms & Conditions governing Save Boost ("Promotion")

By participating in the Promotion, you agree to the following terms and conditions (“Terms”):

A. Promotion

1. Promotion Period: The Promotion by GXS Bank Pte. Ltd. (“GXS” or “Bank”) is available from 8 November 2022 until 31 March 2023 (both dates inclusive)(“Promotion Period”).

2. Eligibility

  1. The Promotion is available to you if: 
    i. you are an existing customer of GXS holding a GXS Savings Account; or
    ii. you are a new-to-bank customer who successfully opens a GXS Savings Account

(each an “Eligible Customer”).

  1. You will not be an Eligible Customer for this Promotion for any new GXS Savings Account you successfully open, if you held and closed a GXS Savings Account previously.

3. Promotion

  1. If you are an Eligible Customer, you will be entitled to receive up to four (4) cash credits of S$2.50 each (each a “Save Boost”) based on the Interest Milestones reached on the funds deposited into your GXS Savings Account.  
  1. You will receive each Save Boost upon reaching each Interest Milestone, in the following manner:

Interest Milestone” means each Total Interest Earned milestone of S$2.50, S$5.00, $7.50 and S$10.00. “Total Interest Earned” means the aggregate interest earned on the funds held in the GXS Savings Account, i.e. funds in your Main Account and all Saving Pockets. 

  1. If you are an Eligible Customer who is an existing customer of the Bank as at the start date of this Promotion, you will receive Save Boost(s) based on your Interest Milestone(s) reached up to and including the start date. You will continue to receive Save Boost(s) during the Promotion Period if you reach more Interest Milestone(s).
  2. The last day to earn a Save Boost pursuant to an Interest Milestone under this Promotion is the last day of the Promotion Period, i.e. 31 March 2023. You will not be eligible to qualify for any Save Boost(s) after 31 March 2023, even if you have not received any or all four Save Boost(s) or if you reach an Interest Milestone after the Promotion Period ends.
B. Additional Terms

1. Save Boosts are issued on a first-come-first served basis and are while stocks last. 

2. You are entitled to receive up to a maximum of four (4) Save Boosts under this Promotion. 

3. Each Save Boost earned shall be credited to the Main Account of your GXS Savings Account one (1) day after an Interest Milestone is met, or by such other time as the Bank may determine in its sole discretion. 

4. If your GXS Savings Account is closed prior to the crediting of a Save Boost for any reason, the Save Boost that has yet to be credited will be forfeited notwithstanding that it was accrued under the Promotion. 

5. Save Boosts are not exchangeable for cash, credit or any other items, and cannot be transferred or assigned. 

6. The Bank reserves the right to replace, exchange, vary or substitute any Save Boost with an item(s) of equivalent value at its sole discretion without prior notice or reason and without liability to any persons.

7. If the Bank at any time determines at its sole and absolute discretion that any of the requirements of the Promotion were not met or complied with, the Bank reserves the right to recover any or all Save Boost(s) by deduction from your GXS Savings Account or any account you maintain with us. 

C. General

1. This Promotion is not valid with other offers or promotions unless otherwise stated.

2. The Bank may add to, amend, modify or vary any or all of these Terms at any time without notice or liability to any person. 

3. The Bank’s records and decisions on all matters relating to the Promotion (including but not limited to the eligibility of any person to participate in the Promotion and the awarding of any cash credit, voucher or item) shall be final, conclusive and binding on all customers. We are not obliged to entertain any correspondence.

4. In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and any brochure, marketing or promotional material relating to the Promotion, these Terms shall prevail.

5. The Bank, its related corporations, employees and/or independent contractors shall not be liable for any loss, liability, expense, damage and/or injury whatsoever or howsoever incurred or sustained by any person by reason of, arising from or in connection with the Promotion including the redemption or use of any good, service, product or facility of any merchant (if applicable) or for any other reason.

6. The Bank is not responsible for any failure or delay in the transmission of any transaction by any party, including acquiring merchants, merchant establishments or any telecommunication provider.

7. These Terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Singapore law, and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts. 

8. A third party who is not a party to these Terms shall have no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 2001 of Singapore to enforce or enjoy the benefit of any provision of these Terms.

9. These Terms shall apply in conjunction with the Deposit Account Terms, which shall apply. 

10. All information is accurate at the time of publication (November 2022).

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